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At Bueno Pharmacy, we want to make it easy for our patients to get the meds they need no matter which country the prescription comes from. Because of this, we are now offering International Prescription refills from valid prescriptions, regardless of the country of origin. 


Controlled medicine prescriptions will not be accepted. Only original prescriptions and prescriptions sent by fax, direct to the pharmacy from the doctor’s office, can be accepted. For more details, please consult the pharmacist.

Requirements of a medical prescription for Bueno Pharmacy.

  • Name of patient
  • Patient’s date of birth
  • Name of the medicine and its generic
  • Strength or concentration (25mg, 10%, etc.)
  • Quantity in units (10 pills, 15ml, 100g, etc.)
  • Dosage (how the medicine will be taken)
  • Doctor’s signature Doctor’s stamp with registration number
  • Doctor’s name, address, and phone number

Submit Your Prescription

Fill out the form below and FAX your prescription to 407.878.3106 and don’t forget to include your contact information the the fax.

Frequently Asked Questions

There is a Food and Drug Administration (FDA) page where you can write the active ingredient of the medicine, and check if it is available and in what forms. 

Yes you can, as long as they are not controlled medicines (they are only accepted with a US prescription). Controlled medications include medications for pain, anxiety, appetite control, sleep induction, and attention deficit. For a complete list of what is considered a controlled medicine you can visit the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) page.

You can buy the amount needed for your one year treatment.

We recommend that the prescription include the commercial name and the active principle, because in other countries the medicines may have another name or be composed of two active principles that exist separately in the United States. Also, the medical prescription must include milligrams.

Generic drugs sold in the United States follow the same regulatory process that the FDA requires for brand name drugs, making their effectiveness reliable. Check with your doctor if the generic is an option, since its price will always be cheaper.

Yes, you can, and shipping is charged at the USPS (United States Postal Service) rate.

Want to Bring in Your Prescription?

Then please do! Bring in all the prescription and all pertinent information too: 2921 South Orlando Drive, Sanford, Florida 32773, United States. For more information call us at 855 Bueno Rx (855-283-6679)

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